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marthy lake for my son Ryan Lake

My son ryan lake is 17 years old and at his teen warped mentality, he accepted jesus into his heart in 2006 and got baptized by pastor wayne...what worries me is that he goes out with the WRONG Kids like 2 gay bi- girls or a few secret regular boys, he tells me he is straight, which i know he is, but for him to do sexual sin with a bisexual female 16 yrs old is a shock to me, how i found out was the girl he was seeing now and then told me, she lives in a good family beautiful home, her dad is a officer retired, but the entire family is walking a crooked path of sin, the father is a buddah believer and the girls mom is a catholic , so she says, im utterly worried, i counseled my son not to see this girl no more even tho they both enjoy guitar music the girl is seeing a counselor and taking mental medications i do not want that in my sons life or in my life i have enough stress with my home and life as it is !!!!!! my son needs prayers to have Jesus god protect and to guide him the right path, im soooo stressed out i myself too and my spouse too is a christian bible believers i worry for my two sons my eldest david lake 21 yrs old living in seattle on his own working and now my 17 yr old son ryan who needs christian prayers everyday and a christian counselor!!! can someone please pray for my son ryan lake that Jesus will send the right christian RESPECTABLE FEMALE into his life!!?? IM GETTING DISGUSTED of GAYS Being friends with him...seriously I dont like gay women and i dont like gay men either!!!! i want them KEPT AWAY from my straight son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Received: July 15, 2018

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