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Carolina Jesus

Please send the prayer team to lay hands on Jonathan Rodrigues who has been in Queens ICU Room 468 since Jan. 27, with a head injury that is not responding to treatment. He is non-responsive.

He also has kidney failure and has been a dialysis patient for over 20 years. He also has congestive heart failure and a pace maker. He also has been using oxygen for over 3 years. These complicate his recovery process.

He loves Jesus and is very tough; a true survivor. I had many talks with him about death when he lived with me, and he is not afraid to die - knowing he will go to heaven. However, he just got his own apartment last year, and has been truly enjoying his life (the head injury is from riding his moped, which he loves to do).

Let us please contend for his life, and also for a complete healing, of all his conditions (not only the head injury).

Jonathan has the faith to receive miraculous healing. He will also tell everybody about Jesus.

Please go ASAP!

Thank you, we are also going - he needs all the prayer he can get.

Received: February 20, 2018

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